Community Outreach

Shenandoah Dermatology strives to serve the community both within the office and outside of the building walls. If your organization would like to learn more about any dermatology topic, please contact us.


Dr. Lindsay Kidd is our Director of Community Outreach and she would be delighted to come speak to your group about any topic in dermatology and skin wellness. She has recently given the following presentations: "Our Skin as We Age," "Cosmetic Dermatology 101," and "Outreach Experience in Botswana." If you'd like to schedule a talk or any outreach activity, call us at 540-885-4500 or email Dr. Kidd directly at [email protected]!

Please follow the link below to access Shenandoah Dermatology's YouTube page. Dr. Kidd uploads her presentations to this page for patients' viewing. 

Click here to visit our YouTube channel!

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