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Benefits of Botox

How Botox injections from your dermatologist in Waynesboro, Afton, Staunton, Raphine, Fishersville, and Harrisonburg, VA, can help you look your best

Are you beginning to see some of the early signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles? Aging happens to all of us, and the first thing you may notice is changes in your skin. Fortunately, there is a potent weapon to fight the signs of aging. It’s called Botox, and it’s available from your dermatologist!

The dermatologists at Shenandoah Dermatology & Aesthetics provide a wide range of medical and cosmetic dermatology services, including Botox treatment. They have several convenient office locations in Waynesboro, Afton, Staunton, Raphine, Fishersville, and Harrisonburg, VA, to help you look your best.

Botox is an amazing injectable substance derived from a bacterium. It works by temporarily “freezing” the nerves and muscles around the injection site.

Botox can help minimize the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet–the fine lines radiating out from the corners of your eyes
  • Glabella–the deep creases between your eyebrows
  • Furrows–the deep lines running across your forehead
  • Marionette lines–the vertical lines running from the corners of your mouth down to your chin

Botox offers major benefits like these:

  • Effectiveness, because it makes your skin appear smooth and wrinkle free
  • Quick treatment, because each session takes only a few minutes of your time
  • Safety, because Botox has been extensively tested and approved by the FDA
  • Easy recovery, because Botox treatment requires no downtime, so you can get back to your day

Thanks to Botox, you will notice outstanding results within 2 to 4 days after treatment. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 4 to 6 months, to maintain your amazing results.

To discover more about the major benefits of Botox and how Botox injections can help you look your best, call the dermatologists at Shenandoah Dermatology & Aesthetics. You can reach them in any of their office locations in Waynesboro, Afton, Staunton, Raphine, Fishersville, and Harrisonburg, VA, by calling (540) 885-4500, so call now.

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